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08 Jul 2020    Further EPSB Guidance
Please see here for further guidance on opening up snooker facilities.

07 Jul 2020    Re-opening of snooker facilities
Great news for everyone. The following has been posted by the WPBSA earlier today.  

In order to restart Competitions (and complete the League registrations and fixture lists) we'll need an official from each Club to confirm:
Each Club should therefore email the League Secretary with a response to each of these points here:

Please be aware that:
As stipulated by the Government, every Club must agree its own procedures as a condition of opening, so please respect this and anyone trying to enforce it. 
Levels Snooker Club has kindly agreed to share it's procedures which may or may not be useful. Here (thanks to them):    Download example COVID-19 procedures

Stay safe.


It is quite possible that clubs will once again be opening their doors from 4thJuly, where they are able to comply with safety guidelines regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic. However, in order to clarify the Committee's position on the matter, with regards to completing all outstanding Competition matches:  we will be following the Government guidelines (currently prohibiting indoor sporting activities), together with the advice of the WPBSA & EPSB who are working with the Government seeking further clarification. See

Therefore whilst these restrictions and guidelines remain in place, we are unable to resume playing Competitions.

Due to the fact that 'Lockdown' regulations are changing regularly we will endeavour to revue the situation on a 'daily' basis; so that we have a much clearer picture, as to the way forward, prior to 1st August, as originally stated.

We fully appreciate the frustration of those individuals and teams in the Semi-Finals who are waiting for the 'green' light. We are also anxious to complete these matches as soon as possible; but will only sanction a resumption when it is safe to do so.
30 Jun 2020    AGM Papers and on-line VOTING is OPEN
This year's AGM cannot be held face to face.  Instead here are papers which include a report from the Officers.   Download the AGM document

Please be aware that there are some important votes for Clubs to consider.  In view of the circumstances, this year the voting is on the website.

Click here to submit votes   on behalf of your club. You will be asked to log-in using your Club sign-on, the same one used for registration.

Responses will be kept confidential.   It is the Club user's responsibility to ensure the votes cast represent those of the Club.  Postal votes will not be accepted.

Voting closes on 14th July & the results will be published shortly afterwards.

21 Jun 2020    Please could the following Clubs Log-in asap?
Please log in so that any problems are not left until the end of registration?  Any problems with usernames or passwords, please see the previous post.  Many thanks.

10 Jun 2020    2020/21 Registrations - NOW OPEN !!!
Great News! The website is now OPEN for Clubs to register their teams for the 2020/21 season.  If we are going to be ready for our normal start date in September, teams need to REGISTER by 26th July.  Opening up the new season means closing the last, so there is no longer an opportunity to play the remaining games from last season.  The 2019/2020 League positions as per the website are therefore now final.  Please note that 2019/20 Competitions are not affected by this; every effort will be made to complete (most) of these and hold a presentation evening when possible, as per earlier announcements.  If the September start date is delayed due to COVID-19, we will share our contingency plans at that point.  


Click here to start registration:    Start registration

Forgotten your Club's username?     No problem!  Click here

Forgotten your password?  No problem!  Just go to the Club Log in  page and use the "Forgotten Password" option

29 May 2020    2020 AGM Update. Election of Officers and Proposals.
In view of the current restrictions in place due to COVID-19, the 2020 AGM (which was scheduled for 15th June) will not be taking place.  Invitations for new proposals and election of officers however is OPEN with immediate effect TO BE RETURNED by 8th June by emailing the website here , directing this to the League Secretary. (Please note the AGM will cover business as usual matters only.  Proposals in regard of COVID-19 are welcome at any time, will be dealt with separately and therefore will NOT form part of the AGM).  The Committee is looking into how we should then conduct the business of the AGM and any voting requirements, and will advise on a revised approach in due course.  **UPDATE: AGM documents will be emailed for approval and comment, in mid-late June **

Information on Committee Roles and Officer Duties:     Click here

18 Apr 2020    BRYAN ALMOND. 1941 - 2020
It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of one our leagues leading snooker players. Bryan passed away peacefully yesterday morning ( April 17th ) on his 79th birthday.

Over the years Bryan has been one of Huddersfield’s best ever players never to have won our Open Snooker Championship:-losing in four finals to two players who dominated in this era, namely Tommy Donlan (12 titles) and Denis Rourke (8 titles )

Bryan won the Yorkshire snooker handicap in the 1970’s and twice won our Leonard Oldham snooker pairs competition (1986/7 & 1987/8 ) with Tony Clegg.

Bryan represented Huddersfield no 1 snooker team for many years spanning three decades the 60’s,70’s and 80’s where he had an excellent record. It is difficult to believe in these modern times that coaches were actually laid on to transport snooker fans to accompany the selected Huddersfield teams to support them!

It is very sad indeed that we are unable to attend Bryan’s funeral but we surely will all be there in spirit !

Our thoughts go out to Bryan’s family at this very difficult time and may we send our condolences to his wife Sheila and his three sons Mark, Ashley and Julian and their families.

It is with great sadness that we have learned today that Roger Bintcliffe from Moldgreen Con has passed away. Roger was a stalwart, playing in the league and Vets league for many years, and a much liked man and friend to many of us. Our deepest sympathy is offered to Roger's family and friends at this very sad time.

24 Mar 2020    Final League tables - Clarification
We are aware of differing views on how to proceed, such as postponing the decision as to what to do (rather than deciding to end the league season now) or even striking this year from the record. 

The decision as per the post of 22nd March is based on the Government's lock-down timescales, as there won't be time to squeeze fixtures in and complete other close season activities without next season being affected, However, in the unlikely event that the Covid-19 situation were to resolve faster than this, it may still be possible to complete the remaining matches in the league, which is what everyone wants.  If this happens, we will look at it again. 

The option of striking this season from the record was not something we believe the majority of players want, particularly for those promoted teams who's results deserve recognition. 

Assuming the league has to finish, the "2-2 draw" option for this season's remaining snooker league games is the most equitable solution, given that not all teams had played the same number of games. Note that individual handicap changes for next season will be based on actual games played.    

It's not going to be possible to satisfy everyone on this (as we know there's a range of views) but we do want to listen.   If you feel able to offer constructive input (or you or your team are unfairly disadvantaged by the current proposals) please submit suggestions or comments via the "contact us", addressed to the League Reporting Secretary.  This will be looked at and you will receive a response.

Please keep safe and well.

24 Mar 2020    League Secretary Change
In view of a recent health scare, for which treatment/testing is still ongoing, John Wilson has decided that it would be in the best interests of the League to resign the position with immediate effect.

John Bastow has accepted the role with immediate effect until the next AGM.  Please note that any proposals/nominations for this role must be made in writing, duly seconded, and should be sent to the Secretary three weeks before the 15 June. These proposals can be made using the Contact Us page if required.

The HBSA would like to thank John Wilson very much for all his time, effort and hard work that he has put in over the last 13 years.  We do believe that since John Wilson joined us, along with others all those years ago, the committee moved the association up a notch or two and John Wilson can hold his head up high in knowing that the HBSA is now in a much stronger position since the day he started.

22 Mar 2020    Corona Virus Update
The committee having had more time to consider the implications of suspending/cancelling league fixtures, the question of promotion/relegation, the competitions and play offs, would advise as follows:

All outstanding  league fixtures for the Veterans, Billiards and Open snooker League have been cancelled. All outstanding matches in the Open league will be considered as 2-2 draws.  Outstanding matches in the Veterans and Billiards leagues will simply be left as unplayed.  League tables will be calculated accordingly.  These are easily accessible on the website and we will apply promotion/relegation as per HBSA rules.

Competitions are currently "suspended" at least until the 1st June, at which time we hope to have a clearer picture with regard to the Government's recommendations regarding the banning of all sporting activities  If not at this time we will review again on the 1st July / 1st August. The committee are hopeful of being able to then arrange dates to complete the 22 semi-finals & 11 finals before the 31 October as soon as the emergency has passed.

The Team Championship, John Needham plate and the Vets team championship play-offs have been cancelled/suspended due to the current crisis and it may well prove to be impossible for any of these matches to be re-arranged and/or take place this season. However, the committee will review the situation once the crisis has passed and advise you whether or not we would have the time to fulfill these play-offs.

The Presentation night due to be held on Friday 22 May 2020 is cancelled and whether or not it would prove feasible to hold at a later date in the year will again be reviewed by the committee once the crisis has passed.

The Annual General Meeting due to be held on the 15 June 2020 will, hopefully, take place, however, we are unable to state categorically that this will be the case, it all depends on the Government's policy and will be reviewed accordingly. 
Please note that any alterations, amendments or addition to the Rules and any proposals/nominations for Officers must be made in writing, duly seconded, and should be sent to the Secretary three weeks before the 15 June.

17 Mar 2020    Corona virus and remaining matches
    ***  CORONA VIRUS  ***

The Committee has decided today to suspend the remaining fixtures and competitions for the 2019/20 season. 

We all would've much preferred to play the season to an end.Here are some insights as to how / why we have made this decision.
  • This decision has been driven by Government advice issued 16th March to avoid going to Clubs / pubs / etc.
  • Despite this advice, some of us initially thought that we should play the season out but on reflection, we have agreed unanimously that this just isn't worth the risk and that we should not contravene Government advice
  • Whilst some of the Committee are more than willing to finish the season as players, we feel that asking others to do so would be irresponsible given this advice
  • We have received a number of queries regarding the Corona Virus with some players no longer willing to play the remaining fixtures and we have to respect these.  Continuing would likely confuse matters with some teams playing fixtures and others not. 
  • Deciding the winners and losers, who is relegated/  promoted  - we'll look to resolve these in a fair way once its clearer how events are unfolding  
In summary we recognise that it's quite possible that playing out the remaining fixtures would be perfectly safe, however the fact is that this is NOT known for sure and hence the decision today. We hope you will support us in this and we all look forward to resuming HBSA matches as soon as is practical to do so.  

Stay safe and healthy.

10 Mar 2020    Failures to attend the March meeting - points deducted
The following clubs failed to attend the March meeting, and consequently 4 points have been deducted from their teams' Open Snooker league tables points.

Lower Hopton (Premier)
Marsden Soc (Div 3)
Netherton Con (Div 1 - teams A & B)
Golcar RBL (Div 1)
Springwood BC (Div 2 A team / Div 5 B team)

04 Mar 2020    Luke Drennan
Congratulations to Luke Drennan of Lower Hopton who has recorded a break of 73 in a recent Junior Championship match.
Unfortunately Breaks attained in Competitions do not qualify for prizes in the 'Highest Break' category at the end of the season; but we consider that this achievement deserves a special mention. Well done Luke !

02 Mar 2020    DAVID WALSH
The League have been informed that David Walsh, the president of Bradley & Colne WMC for almost 30 years, passed away on Tuesday evening after a short illness. David was an avid League player and captain in both the Open Snooker and Veterans League. The committee, on behalf of the League, offer their deepest sympathy to David's family and friends at this time of sorrow.
Funeral Arrangements- Monday March 16th (12.30pm) - Huddersfield Crematorium.

23 Jan 2020    Funding for 3 people to train as WPBSA Level 1 Snooker Coaches
John Bastow is trying to raise £300 to pay for the training of 3 Level 1 WPBSA Snooker coaches to operate in the Hudds area, to help grow Junior Snooker. 
The Committee are supportive of this initiative and have agreed to donate £100.  
Help support the future of the game and make up the shortfall - why not have a whip round tonight?  
John can be reached on 0777 2000 147.
To ensure complete transparency, a report on the use of all funds raised will be made available to scrutinise and challenge to all those who contribute. 
Thank you.

08 Jan 2020    Notice of Upcoming Yorkshire Competitions


The Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds

·       Qualifying dates (choice of 2):  1st March or 15th March  (4 qualify from each event)

·       Quarter finals and semi finals - 19thApril

·       Final - Friday 5th June

Details - see here:-


The Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds

a) UNDER16’S – Saturday 11th January 2020

b) UNDER19’S – Saturday 25th January 2020

Details - see here:-


a) YorkshireBilliards Championship Sunday 5th April

b) YorkshireBilliards Handicap Sunday 17th May 

c) YorkshireBilliards Pairs Event Sunday 1st March (format to beconfirmed, possibly timed 45 mins to include two singles rubbers and then onedoubles, with one point for every 25/50 points scored and then an overall bonuspoint for winners. Need to register before the day for this one.) 


24 Dec 2019    Handicaps and Results
Please note that it is no longer possible to alter handicaps on the result card.  If you think a handicap is incorrect please contact the league secretary with details.
15 Dec 2019    Martyn Willans
The League are saddened to report that Martyn Willans of Meltham Liberal Club collapsed and died at Broad Oak on Thursday night after playing his snooker league match at Kirkburton Liberal Club. Our thoughts are with Martyn's family and friends at this time of sorrow.
Would all players note the fact that the fixtures for the Billiard matches are out of date sequence, the fixtures as printed are correct for the date shown, the website fixtures are also correct; the dates that are out of sequence are 17 Dec 2019, 03 Dec 2019, 10 Dec 2019, 26 Nov 2019. 
21 Oct 2019    Primrose Hill Lib A - snooker division 1
Despite the efforts of the Committee to help, it is with regret that Primrose Hill Lib A have decided to withdraw from the League due to a lack of players. Please note that all fixtures will be treated as a 2-2 draw and would all teams in division 1 treat this as a BYE.
16 Oct 2019    Result Card entry
Please note that you can amend a result card at anytime should you have omitted to enter a break when submitting the result, all you need to do is login again, return to the result card, add the break and resubmit to the website, the changes are done automatically.
26 Sep 2019    Reminder of protocol for re-arranging fixtures
This is a gentle reminder that teams must notify the League Reporting Secretary, as well as their opponents, immediately they are aware that they are unable to play any game on the allocated date. It is not only courtesy to do this, it a requirement under League rules, this can be done by 'phone 07379851032 or by email
05 Sep 2019    Mobile Results Entry
Small mobiles such as phones can now be used to enter results.  Either use the left hand menu to find League >> Submit match result, or use the right hand menu to find Enter or Change result.  This will ask you to log in (team login).  Then choose the fixture date and follow the screen instructions.  Importantly the use of the Next > and  < Prev links.
26 Jun 2019    John Bastow elected to the Committee
We are please to announce that John Bastow has been elected to the Committee to the post of Website Manager.  For the foreseeable future he will be working with Peter Gilbert who has been responsible for the development of the Website during the past few years.  John is a well known and respected figure within the Huddersfield Billiards & Snooker Association and will bring a wealth of experience to our committee in the future.
21 Jun 2019    John Bastow's super stats

John Bastow who is one of Huddersfield's top Snooker & Billiards players, and who is also a WPBSA qualified coach is developing a "Super Stats" feature for the HBSA league match results.  These can be found on his website at  There will also be a link in the league drop down menu.
Paul Schofield who has become one of our top referees has been honoured by being chosen to referee this years Yorkshire snooker championship final at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds on May 31st

This years final will be contested by Jonathan Bagley (Leeds) who has won this event for this last two years and Dave Portman (Sheffield ) who is also a previous winner of this competition. 

We would like To congratulate Paul on this achievement and wish him continued success in the future.

21 May 2019    Conduct and Behaviour of players
At the AGM on Monday 17th June held at Lindley Liberal Club; the subject of the conduct and behaviour of players in Competition & League matches during recent years was discussed, as this was now giving cause for concern. Certain individuals and teams had resorted to inappropriate behaviour which was considered less than that expected by the Association. At a recent Competition Final one of the participants had to be warned that their conduct was totally unacceptable. The meeting unanimously agreed that a letter be sent to that individual regarding future conduct and should there be any further similar instances then this would lead to an automatic ‘ban’ from playing in any future Competitions and League matches promoted by the Huddersfield Billiards & Snooker Association.

Below is an extract from that letter and the Association would like all member clubs to post this on their Notice Boards and discuss it at their relevant Committee Meetings indicating that our Association will not tolerate this kind of conduct in the future.

During the course of that match you constantly made inappropriate comments regarding Refereeing decisions; together with showing lack of respect for your opponent and on occasions to the spectators present, with vulgar gestures and bad language.  Eventually this became so bad that you were verbally warned by the Match Official present, that this behaviour was totally unacceptable. It also transpired later that this was not the first occasion; but that there had been a similar occurrence at a previous years Final, involving spectators. However you were not warned on that occasion and no action was taken. We will, in future, give full support to all our Referees involved in H.B & S.A matches, who have to take any necessary course of action to limit this behavior. Therefore, the Association are sending you this written warning, that should your conduct fall below acceptable standards in any future Competition or League matches; we will have no alternative other than to impose a ‘ban’ on your involvement in any future matches promoted by the Huddersfield Billiards & Snooker Association.

18 Jul 2019    GDPR
In line with GDPR we have published our privacy policy.  To view it go to H.B.S. & Association >> Privacy Policy.
12 Jul 2019    Vets Age Qualification
All players must be aged 60 or over before they can play. If a player's 60th birthday occurs during the season, he/she cannot play before his/her 60th birthday.
18 Jul 2019    Submitting and changing results
There have been several instances of teams not being able to submit results because the member that enters results is unavailable. THIS CAN BE DONE BY SOMEONE ELSE. Team logins can have several registrations to a team (as opposed to club logins). Provided you have an email address that you can use, go to the team login page and click Register, then follow on screen instructions.

There have also been a few instances where the entered 
result contains a mistake. THIS CAN BE CORRECTED by logging in and going to the result card page in exactly the same way as the result was originally submitted. When the match date is selected you will see the form completed with the information originally entered. Then change and data that is wrong, click 'Check your results' card, then click 'Send the results to HBSA'.
01 Oct 2018    Contacting opponents in competitions
This is easily possible using the web site. Navigate to Competitions >> The Draw, results, dates etc. Then select the competition you want to check. Then locate the opponent you are drawn against: move the mouse pointer to the opponent, or touch the opponent if you are using a touch screen: that will bring up a small box with your opponent's email and/or phone number.
25 Sep 2018    Email address changes
If you have changed your email address we can easily change all instances of it on our system. Simply use the Contact Us Page and supply us with the old email address and the new email address and we will change all instances from the old to the new. This includes team and club registrations.
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