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Frequently asked questions

1.   Logging in

There are two types of login:  one to enter match results, and the other to complete on line entry forms.  They are known as Team Login and Club Login respectively.  


Team logins

The team login is only available during a season.  

There can be multiple Team Login registrations to enable any club member to enter match results for any of the club's teams.  

An individual with the same email address can have multiple registrations to enter results for multiple teams provided the password is unique for each team.

Club Logins

The club login is available when League and/or Competition entry forms are available.  There can only be one Club login per club.  If it becomes necessary to change a club login, the current login owner should delete his/her, and then a new login registered.

2.    Payments  

Payments can be made by

Sending a cheque
to the Treasurer, League Secretary, or Competitions Secretary(see Officialspage for their addresses).  Write the reason for payment and your club's name on the back.

Internet banking.
To do this, the details you need are as follows: 
Bank:                Barclays
Account:           HBSA
Sort Code          20-43-04
Account No.:    10523232
Reference:        Use your club name as the reference
(Please could you inform the treasurer and/or the appropriate secretary when an internet payment has been made for the purpose of keeping their records up to date.)
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