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Minutes of Meetings


Minutes of Meetings for the 2019/20 season

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Held Monday 17thJune 2019
Minutes of the Meeting held at Lindley Lib 11/11/2019 

Minutes of the Meeting held at Lindley Lib 09/03/2020 

Huddersfield Billiards & Snooker Association


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Held Monday 17th June 2019



The meeting opened at 19:30hrs total present 22 including 5 committee members;Number of clubs represented was 16.  

Apologies for absence received from J.Wilson and P.Gilbert.


A minute silence was held in respect of those members who had passed away during the past season


The minutes of the 2018 AGM was accepted and seconded with no matters arising.

ACCEPTEDBY – M.Wood – Milnsbridge Lib

SECONDEDBY – S.Lawton – Milnsbridge Lib . ..



The Secretary reported that two rule changes had been received which will be discussed later in the meeting.



Once again Tony thanked the committee for another successful year and personally thanked Rod Taylor for all his work with the competitions and his time spent at the finals fortnight.

He also made a comment that just having the two meetings during the season was a success and hoped it would continue.

Tony also thanked Peter Gilbert for all his input on the web site during the season..   

He also mentioned that although Dean Pountney had moved to Cornwall he would continue to be the league treasurer...



A copy of the balance sheet was handed out and reported that we were in a healthy position. The PayPal account had been closed due to lack of use and the rising cost. A saving of £450 had been made with the printing of the handbooks. .  



Although Rod was very happy with this year’s competitions he did mention that a finalist had to be spoken to due to his behaviour and asked the members if a letter could be sent the person involved explaining that bad behaviour will not be tolerated and that action would be taken if  there is any repeat. This was agreed by all members.

Mrs Whiteley (Steve Whiteley’s wife) who presented the trophies at the presentation night had sent the committee a card thanking everyone for a really good evening.     ..



Although John couldn’t attend the meeting he did ask for a reminder that any club with outstanding fines will not be able to enter a team for the upcoming season. .



All the committee were unanimously re-elected – Tony Clegg, John Wilson, DennisLomax, Dean Pountney, Rod Taylor, Derek Frost and Billy Keenan.

Tony Clegg stated that this will be his last year as president of the league. ..

 Also Rod Taylor stated that this will be his last year as Competition Secretary. 


Three proposed rule changes had been received,

Rule 1, Setting Handicaps,

Remove minimum -45 and replace with no minimum, add maximum start to be given 90.

An amendment to this was put forward to remove 45 with no maximum.

Both the change and amendment was passed by majority 13 for and 3 against.


Vets Supplementary Rules.

Rule 2, Remove minimum -45 and replace with no minimum.

This was passed unanimously.


Junior Championship.

A proposal to create two separate competitions, one under 23 and one under 16.

A lot of discussion arose from this proposal and although it was accepted unanimously. All members and the committee agreed that we need to look at ways to promote junior snooker in our league,     



Meeting Closed at 20;45





Meeting was opened at 19:30 with 34 clubs from 39 represented.


Apologies – J.Wilson– D.Poutney


Minutes from the meeting held on 11th November 2019 were read and approved by  

D.Peacock  Seconded by N.Hinchcliffe


No Matters arising from the minutes.



None received.


Treasurers Report


Entries and affiliation down on last season at £3970 (2018/19 £4110). This is due to 4 less snooker teams 78 versus 82 and 2 less billiard teams.

Competition entries are in line with last season having spoken with Rod.

The following is a summary of the balances10.11.2019,

Current a/c    -£5171.30

Paypal a/c     -£1508.42

Deposit a/c    -£5158.28

Cash a/c        -£308.07


Total - £12146.07

The following fines are still outstanding,

Paddock Con £6.00 – Late Results

Primrose Hill Lib £10.00 – Due to non fulfilment of fixtures.


Competition Secretary Report

Paul Schofield was welcomed on to the Committee who will replace Rod as Comp Secretary following next year’s AGM. John Bastow was also welcomed on to the Committee.

Comp. Entries - this year similar to last year apart from the Billiards Comps.These have been kept ‘open’ until the end of November together with the new Steve Whiteley Vets Pairs Comp. In the hope of attracting further entries. This means that we will be able to maintain the same level of Prize Monies as for the past few years

Summary of entries :- Snooker Championship 33 / Snooker Handicap67 / Len Oldham Pairs 28/

3 Man KO – 25 / Vets Handicap – 34 / Vets Team KO 17 / Steve Whiteley Pairs – 13 to date / Billiards Championship – 7 to date / Billiards Handicap – 15 to date /

Billiards Team KO – 5 to date.

The Junior Championship attracted 11 entries which have beenaccommodated in to 1 Division.

This means that all entrants have the opportunity to play 10 matches against all other entrants.

However, it was important that these matches were started a.s.a.p., due to higher number than in previous years, and not left until the last minute, as all matches needed to be completed by 31st March. Anyun-played matches will be null-and-void in the final Division placings.

Problems had arisen in making Comp. Draws due to late receipt of entries. These had been ‘posted’ by 1st Class Mail on the day prior to Entry closure on 31st October but had taken

4 days to be received- after the initial draws had been made. Entry Forms had been available approx.6 weeks prior to Closing Date; therefore it was pointed out that Clubs had sufficient time and should not have left it to the ‘last minute’. Another problem had arisen in not completing ‘on line’ entry forms correctly in respect of Date Protection legislation. These two situations resulted in Comp.Draws having to be ‘re-jigged’ to accommodate additional entries and in the case of the Snooker Handicap this had to be completely re-drawn; which had caused some confusion after being published on the website in it’s original format.

 League Reporting Secretary

Nothing to report.


A few comments were raised regarding the league handbooks, mostly do we still require them or do we still require the amount we have printed 500. After a small discussion it was decided that this can be sorted during the AGM when all members have had time to put forward their suggestions.


Tony Clegg announced that Dennis Lomax (LeagueSecretary) would be leaving the committee at the end of this meeting and thanked him for all his hard work during the last six years.  


Meeting closed at 20:15 PM

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Meeting was opened at 19:30 with 33 clubs from 38 represented.


Apologies – J.Wilson– D.Poutney – T.Clegg – D.Frost – P.Schofield


Minutes fromthe meeting held on 9th MARCH 2020 were read and approved by  

B.O’Toole  - Seconded by J.Lea


No Mattersarising from the minutes.



None received.


Treasures Report


The league finances remain in good shape butthere will be an additional charge to Godaddy of £215 for the email services,though this payment is for two years.


The league also kindly contributed £100 to John Bastow’s fund raising which we all agree is a worthwhile cause.


This should allow us to pay out the same amount in prize money and possibly a little extra although no guarantees.


Financial Summary


The following is a summary of the balances as of 08/03/2020


Current a/c    -£5894.30

Paypal a/c     -£1193.28

Deposit a/c    -£5158.28

Cash a/c        -£300.47


Total - £12546.33


Competition Secretary Report


Due to the fact that the May Bank Holiday had now been moved from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th Mayto coincide with the 75th Anniversary of the V E Day Celebrations;this now conflicted with the scheduled date of the Snooker Championship Final to be held at Crosland Moor Con. Derek Frost has indicated that either dates would be convenient if it was considered to now hold it on the 4thMay as an alternative; although Rod pointed out that this could still conflict  with the Final date of the World Snooker Championship. As yet we did not know who the two Finalists would be as we are still only at the Semi-Final stage. If both parties were still happy to proceed on the original date of the 8ththen there would be no need to make alternative arrangements.

The Junior Championship had been designed to give our young players as much 'table time' as possible; therefore this year the 11 entrants had been accommodated into 1 Division – giving each player 10 games. Having started the Competition last November some of the players had made little or no contact with their opponents thinking there was no urgency and that they had plenty of time before 31st March. This had resulted in arriving at the beginning of March with a few of the players having only played a couple of games and then finding they had little time in which to complete their obligations.

This then resulted with them with drawing from the Junior Championship. Rod stressed the importance that both parties in any Competition should make contact at the earliest opportunity to arrange matches and not leave it to the last minute – wrongly assuming that giving their opponents only a few options prior to 'Closing Dates' would suit them!

With regards to entering Competitions at the start of the season the problem of players entering, who did not take part in League Matches was discussed. It was considered this to be totally unfair to regular League players and of no benefit to our Association. A vote will be taken at the AGM in June to make a 'Rule' that players have to have played a number of League matches, both in the previous season and up to the closing date of 31st October in the new season, to be eligible to qualify for entry. This was agreed and left for further discussion at the AGM with a view to implementing a new Rule.

The possibility of a Junior Snooker Festival; which has been discussed during the past few months; would be a tremendous asset to our Association in encouraging young players in the Huddersfield area.John Bastow, who has been instrumental in looking in to the possibilities,explained this would probably be a 'one' day event, particularly open to 'Under15's', so that they could become involved without having to enter the JuniorChampionship. He had already made tentative approaches to a couple of Clubs who may be interested in staging this event; receiving a positive response. It had been hoped that this might take place this Spring; however the logistics involved and manpower available at such short notice meant that we could not undertake this successfully this season. Therefore it has been decided that we will put this on 'hold' for the meantime and hope to introduce this Festival in 2021.


 League Reporting Secretary

Nothing to report.



Nothing to report


Meeting closed at 20:00 PM


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Huddersfield Billiards & Snooker Association



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