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Conduct and Etiquette

This is an open letter to all members of the Huddersfield Billiard and Snooker Association and the Clubs that they represent regarding the standards of sportsmanship and etiquette that the Association demands that all matches under our auspices be adhered to at all times.

During the Finals fortnight at Canalside this year the Committee were forced to act following the appalling behaviour of one of the teams throughout the evening which spoilt what was supposed to be the highlight of the year for both teams involved. The team in question, and the Club that they represent, were written to by the Association Secretary on behalf of the Committee and warned that any repetition of such conduct would not be tolerated and that both the team and the Club that they represented would be subject to disciplinary action by the Association which could result in individuals being banned from participating in any matches organised by the Association or should the matter involve more than one individual ?the team being similarly banned or, in exceptional circumstances, the Club being expelled from the Association.? The team and the Club involved apologised to both the Association and their opponents and have, since that date, conducted themselves in a manner which is more in keeping with the high standards that the Association demand on all occasions.

Unfortunately this seasons snooker matches has seen another team act in a manner which will not be tolerated under any circumstances and following three complaints from the other teams which were involved in the nights matches at one particular venue, the Committee were forced to take action against the team in question.? The Secretary wrote, on behalf of the Committee, to both the team and the Club that they represent regarding their conduct and warning them that they were bringing the Association into disrepute and as such the matter would have to be raised at the November Delegates meeting to decide what action the Committee would be empowered to bring against the offending team.? ?The Club in question carried out their own investigation and, to their great credit, decided to ban the individuals concerned from representing the Club in all matches organised by the Association and took steps to register sufficient other Club members to fulfil this seasons fixtures and thus avoid another bye in the section.? The individuals concerned, having played in matches this season, cannot transfer to another Club or team and are therefore banned from the League for the duration of this season, there is nothing in the League rules which would prevent them for signing for a different Club next season, however, their conduct would be strictly monitored and any further indiscretions could result in a sine die ban for the persons concerned and a possible ban for the Club which they represented.

The Committee express the hope that all players and the Clubs that they represent take note that? we, as an Association, expect that all members conduct themselves in a manner which does not bring the Association, the Club they represent? or any individual into disrepute and that any breach of an acceptable code of conduct will have serious consequences.

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