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Competition entry forms.

In order to keep track of competition entry forms and payments of fees,some new restrictions have been applied, and some new facilities introduced.

There is a new login for use with competition entry forms. This is known as the Club Login.  There can only be one Club Login per club.  All competition entries must be made using this Club Login. Each club will need a new registration. It is recommended that a club representative be chosen and that he/she makes all entries.

Note that this login will not work for entering results.  Also the Results login will not work for competition entries.

Registering a Club:

1 Click the Club Login button, then Click register.
2 Select the required club, then complete the details and click Submit.
3 An email will be sent to the address entered in the form with details on how to confirm the registration.
4 If you used the link in the email simply enter your password and click Confirm.
5 If you logged in again, enter your password, then enter your confirmation code (it is recommended that you copy and paste this code), then click Confirm.

Note that on the Club Login page you can retrieve forgotten passwords,and amend registration details.  Just click the appropriate link.

Paying fees.

In order to expedite payments it is preferred that you use Internet Banking, or send a cheque (made out to HBSA,with your club name written on the back) to Dean Poutney, No12 Kew An Prysk, Lane, Newquay, TR8 4RD 

When you submit the entry form, the fees are added together and a recommendation to pay will appear.  At this stage you can opt to pay by internet banking, or by cheque.

Pay by Internet Banking

Use your own internet banking website.  The details you needare as follows 

Please could you inform Dean Poutney (  Tel:07879 060368)  for the purpose of keeping their records up to date.

Bank Barclays
Account HBSA
Sort Code 20-43-04
Account No. 10523232
Reference Use your own club's name

Paying by cheque

To pay by cheque please make the cheque payable to HBSA, and write your club's name on the back along with the fact that the payment is for a competition fee.  Send the cheque to the Treasurer: Dean Poutney  No.12 Kew An Prysk, Lane, Newquay, TR8 4RD.,



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