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Latest WPBSA / EPSB Guidance

The HBSA intends to respond to COVID-19 in accordance with guidance from our governing body, which for us is the EPSB, here:

HBSA's Latest position

League Snooker.   A decision on the way forward for the 2021/22 season will be announced in June 2021.

Competitions.  As at May 2021 final stages of comps from the 2019/20 season are being restarted and will be played as soon as restrictions allow.

What Clubs need to do 

HBSA can only rule on league games and competitions that HBSA has organised.  Clubs should continue make their own decisions regarding the playing of 'casual' snooker, bearing in mind Government and EPSB announcements & in light of their own risk assessments.

In order to restart HBSA matches, each Club will need to:

  •    Ensure that it is able to comply fully with whatever COVID-19 secure regulations are in-force at that time
  •    Monitor updates and announcements on this website
  •    Make HBSA aware of any restrictions on the use of its facilities at the appropriate time

As stipulated by the Government, every Club must agree its own procedures as a condition of opening, so please respect this and anyone trying to enforce it. 

Levels Snooker Club has kindly agreed to share it's procedures from 2020 which may or may not be useful. Here (thanks to them):   Download example COVID-19 procedures

Stay safe.

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