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Association Rules

HBSA ASSOCIATION RULES              (June 2022)


1)      Title & Constitution

The Organisation will be entitled "The Huddersfield Billiards & Snooker Association" and will consist of clubs, institutes and halls that are situated within Huddersfield and district. Clubs from adjacent areas may be accepted on the written approval of their own Association.


2)      Objects

a)      To promote and encourage Billiards and Snooker.

b)      To Organise and control competitions.


3)      Officers

a)      The main Committee will consist of a President, eight Vice Presidents, Life Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and League Reporting/Assistant and Competitions Secretaries.

i)        The president will hold office for a period of not less than three years and on retirement will be placed on the Life Vice Presidents list. Life Vice Presidents are not eligible to stand as President.

ii)       Vice Presidents will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

iii)     The Secretary, Treasurer and League Reporting/Assistant and Competitions Secretaries will retire annually but automatically be eligible for re-election.

b)      The Association will be controlled by a Management Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and League Reporting/Assistant and Competitions Secretaries and a maximum of two representatives from each affiliated club, institute or hall.

c)       Casual vacancies occurring amongst the Officers or other members of the Committee may be filled at the discretion of the Committee


4)      Affiliation/Subscriptions

a)      Applications for affiliation will be acceptable only in writing, and the granting or rejecting of such will rest entirely with the committee.

b)      Annual affiliation will be £25.00, and the application should be sent to the Treasurer with the correct fee as part of League registration.

c)       Any organisation whose subscriptions are one month or more in arrears will not be eligible to serve on the committee.


5)      Accounts

a)      The financial year of the Association will close on 15th June each year. An annual Statement of Accounts will be prepared by the Treasurer at that time and duly checked by two Auditors as soon as possible thereafter.

b)      Any club, institute or hall owing any debts to the Association at the end of the season will not be eligible to re-join until all are paid in full.


6)      Annual/Special General Meetings (AGM/SGM)

a)      The Association's AGM will be held as soon as possible after the 15th June and no later than the 30th June, for the purpose of receiving the Annual Reports and Statement of Accounts, electing Officers and Auditors for the ensuing year and transacting such further business that the meeting may decide, subject to the provision of the rules.

b)      An SGM may be called at any time by the Committee, and will be called by the Secretary within 14 days of a written request, stating the object(s) and signed on behalf of two affiliated organisations or by direction of the Management Committee.

c)       The Secretary will give at least 7 days notice of every AGM or SGM to each affiliated organisation, and will indicate the nature of any business to be transacted that is not of a routine character.

d)      Club representation is requested at all meetings, two members of every affiliated organisation being entitled to attend, each with the power to vote. The names of every delegate must be furnished in writing to the Secretary at each meeting. All Officials of the Association will be entitled to record one vote, (they being included in the member clubs delegated voting power) with the exception of the Chairman who will record the casting vote in the event of a vote being tied. A majority vote is required for any resolution to be carried.

e)      At an AGM or SGM fifteen members will form a quorum. lf a quorum is not present 15 minutes after the appointed start time, the meeting will be adjourned and re-arranged by the Management Committee. If at a reconvened AGM or SGM a quorum is not present 15 minutes after the appointed time, the members present will be considered a quorum. After the Chairman has declared the meeting open, the quorum will be confirmed and the assembled members deemed competent to transact business.

 f)     All clubs must be represented at the AGM. Club representatives must complete the register to confirm their attendance (defined as being present during the meeting for at least 30 minutes, or the whole meeting, whichever is shortest). Failure to comply with either requirement will result, in both cases, in the deduction of two points from the records of Open Snooker League teams and one-and-a-half points from the record of Billiards League teams.  (Vets teams are exempt).


7)      Other Meetings

a)      Two meetings will held per year (at an agreed venue), usually in November and March each year at 7.3Opm. Dates are as published in the Association handbook and/or website.

b)      All clubs must be represented at both meetings. Club representatives must complete the register to confirm their attendance (defined as being present during the meeting for at least 30 minutes, or the whole meeting, whichever is shortest). Failure to comply with either requirement will result, in both cases, in the deduction of two points from the records of Open Snooker League teams and one-and-a-half points from the record of Billiards League teams.  (Vets teams are exempt).


8)      Alterations to rules

No alteration, amendment or addition to the Rules shall be made except at an AGM or SGM, and it must be supported by a majority vote. All proposed alterations, amendments or additions must be sent to the Secretary in writing three weeks prior to the meeting.


9)   Equipment/playing facilities

No individual, pair or team will be allowed to participate in the leagues or competitions unless they have suitable playing facilities and equipment.


10)   Powers of the Committee:

a)      The Committee will meet as they deem necessary during the season with four members forming a quorum.

b)      Members may appoint delegates and confer such powers as they deem advisable, and, subject to the rules, may do whatever is necessary to ensure the objects of the Association are achieved. If any delegate is not acceptable to the Committee, the organisation concerned will, on request, elect another suitable delegate.

c)      The Committee will have the power to deal with any matter not covered by these Association Rules.


11) Conduct and Discplinary Rules

These Disciplinary Rules shall apply to all current or former HBSA players in relation to their conduct on any HBSA related matter, including HBSA sanctioned matches. 

HBSA may investigate any matter which comes to its attention (whether through media publicity or otherwise) which it considers may constitute misconduct.

    11.1 Definitions of Misconduct

Misconduct (whether in person, or on-line, including social media) includes but is not limited to:

Gross Misconduct

  • Any behaviour that results in being banned from one or more HBSA member Clubs
  • Threatening, intimidating or abusive behaviour
  • Any physical violence or threat of violence towards a person or property
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Use of illicit or banned substances
  • Discrimination based on (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage / civil partnership, pregnancy / maternity, race, religion / belief, sex, and sexual orientation)
  • Repeated ‘Other Misconduct’ instances (see examples below), following warnings and/or reprimands

Other Misconduct

  • Behaviour causing harm or distress
  • Behaviour that brings HBSA into disrepute
  • Deliberate breach of the Official Rules of the Games of Snooker and Billiards
  • Breach of any HBSA Rules, Regulations or Codes of Practice
  • Breach of the rules of any member Club or playing venue
  • Failing to provide full or true information or evidence to HBSA when asked
  • Failure to respect, recognise, abide by and/or comply with any reasonable request or decision made by HBSA

  11.2 Immediate Suspension or Ban

Allegations of misconduct against a player would normally be considered before any sanction against the player concerned, HOWEVER where a complaint is deemed to be of a serious or potentially serious nature (for example, involving the police), or the evidence for the offence is incontrovertible, then HBSA can impose an immediate suspension.

In this case, any appeal needs to be provided within 7 days of the decision.

  11.3 Disciplinary Process

HBSA will:

  • Write to the captain of the team concerned (or the player directly), notifying him of the allegation and seeking his views on the substance of the complaint or matter that has arisen
  • Make all appropriate enquiries in the investigation of any alleged breach which may or may not include an interview with individuals involved and/or the player concerned

Where a player admits to a breach, the matter will be dealt with by an HBSA official with appropriately delegated powers. Where a player denies a breach, then the matter will be considered by Committee Executives who hold substantive roles, consisting of at least 3 members. 

  11.4 Burden of Proof

The burden of proof in respect of any allegation shall be on the Association and the standard of proof shall be ON THE BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES (that is, whether it is more likely than not that the misconduct occurred). 

In reaching its decision there is NO requirement that the Committee be unanimous (it is sufficient if a majority favour a particular conclusion) and NO indication shall be given that the decision was anything other than unanimous. No minority opinion or dissenting judgment shall be disclosed. 

  11.5 Sanctions

Sanctions differ according to whether a player is proven to have committed either Gross Misconduct or Other Misconduct as defined in section 1, above, as follows:

Gross Misconduct

  • Temporary suspension
  • Permanent suspension (with or without the possibility of reinstatement, which may be conditional)
  • Any of the sanctions below

Other Misconduct

  • A reprimand or censure in respect of conduct
  • Verbal and/or written warnings
  • A fine and/or points deductions
  • Withholding of all (or a proportion of) any prize money due

  11.6 Privacy and Confidentiality

Where witnesses or complainants are concerned about intimidation or retribution, their names and some details may be withheld from the accused and/or other parties.

All disciplinary proceedings shall take place in private and there are no automatic rights of access to the details for anyone other than those directly involved.

HBSA may publish the outcome of any disciplinary findings, the associated breach, the penalty applied, and the name of the individual involved on its website or any other media operated by HBSA.


12) Appeals

A player, team or Club can only appeal a decision that relates to their own affairs. Only one appeal can be made in relation to a particular decision. Appeals should have the support of the relevant team captain and/or Club representative.

STEP 1.  The appellant to contact HBSA, stating their intention to appeal.

STEP 2.  Main part of appeal.  Appellant to:

  1. State which parts of the judgement are being contested and why the decision is perceived as unfair.
  2. State what their desired outcome is.
  3. Provide information in support of the appeal, including a statement of facts upon which the appeal is based, and any new information. 

The appeal needs to be submitted in writing so that any accounts and any evidence can be shared with the decision makers word-for-word.  

STEP 3.  The information provided in Step 2 will be considered. At the discretion of the Committee, the appellant may be asked to attend a meeting of one or more Committee members. Additional information and input from third parties not involved in the original decision may be sought. The original decision will then be reviewed, where possible by Officials not involved in the original decision.  The appellant will be informed of the outcome, with reasons given.

If the appellant is still unhappy then they have the right to request rule changes via established methods, though this will only affect future rulings.

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