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Handicap changes made during the last week.
Emails have been sent to all relevant persons that can be found In the system.
PlayerTeamSectionOldHandicapNewHandicapEffective from
Sammy McCartneyDeighton WMC AOpen Snooker Premier151013 Nov 2017
Andrew BerryLindley Lib BOpen Snooker Premier211613 Nov 2017
Dave OrentasMilnsbridge Lib AOpen Snooker Premier151019 Nov 2017
Tony BentleyBroad Oak BC DOpen Snooker Division 1292413 Nov 2017
Martin EvansMoldgreen LibOpen Snooker Division 1263113 Nov 2017
Paul GarratyMoldgreen LibOpen Snooker Division 1-12-719 Nov 2017
Harry RanaTop SpotOpen Snooker Division 10-513 Nov 2017
Chris KeoghMeltham Lib AOpen Snooker Division 2-9-413 Nov 2017
Marcus CloughMeltham Lib AOpen Snooker Division 25013 Nov 2017
Jack ThackerayMeltham Lib BOpen Snooker Division 213419 Nov 2017
Roy JohnsonNew Mill Club AOpen Snooker Division 2253019 Nov 2017
Sam RedfearnUpper Hopton WMC BOpen Snooker Division 25013 Nov 2017
Sean O'TooleAlmondbury WMC AOpen Snooker Division 3212613 Nov 2017
K Peters snrBradley & Colne WMC BOpen Snooker Division 3211213 Nov 2017
Jeremy FordBroad Oak BC AOpen Snooker Division 31-813 Nov 2017
Dave JohnstoneNetherton Con BOpen Snooker Division 310513 Nov 2017
Rob LayAlmondbury Con AOpen Snooker Division 4201519 Nov 2017
Paul WatkinsLepton Lib AOpen Snooker Division 413813 Nov 2017
Terry WhiteleyMoldgreen Con AOpen Snooker Division 43-219 Nov 2017
Richard DixonLindley WMC BOpen Snooker Division 5211613 Nov 2017
Tony HardyMarsh Lib COpen Snooker Division 5213013 Nov 2017
Keiran DeanSt Patricks AOpen Snooker Division 5212619 Nov 2017
Peter GreenTurnbridge WMC BOpen Snooker Division 5211613 Nov 2017
David TullyLindley Lib ABilliards League605013 Nov 2017
peter stanyerNew Mill Club ABilliards League302013 Nov 2017
Steven KempUpper Hopton WMC BBilliards League12511519 Nov 2017

15th November 2017

Shelley Sports and Social Club

Last week Shelley S&SC suffered a burst water pipe which has resulted in the ceiling coming down in the snooker room ... the damage to the club and snooker table is quite substantial.

Consequently their home matches will now be hosted at:

     Scisset WMC
     118 Wakefield Road, Scisset
     HD8 9HU
     Click here to see where it is on google maps

Submitting and changing results

There have been several instances lately of teams not being able to submit results because the member that enters results is unavailable. THIS CAN BE DONE BY SOMEONE ELSE. Team logins can have several registrations to a team (as opposed to club logins). Provided you have an email address that you can use, go to the team login page and click Register, then follow on screen instructions.

There have also been a few instances where the entered result contains a mistake. THIS CAN BE CORRECTED by logging in and going to the result card page in exactly the same way as the result was originally submitted. When the match date is selected you will see the form completed with the information originally entered. Then change and data that is wrong, click 'Check your results' card, then click 'Send the results to HBSA'.

Email address changes

If you have changed your email address we can easily change all instances of it on our system. Simply use the Contact Us Page and supply us with the old email address and the new email address and we will change all instances from the old to the new. This includes team and club registrations.

Vets Age Qualification

It has been noticed that there is an error in rule 4 on page 49 of the handbook. the VETERANS' OPEN SNOOKER LEAGUE SUPPLEMENTARY RULES.
It should read: All players must be aged 60 or over before they can play. If a player's 60th birthday occurs during the season, he/she cannot play before his/her 60th birthday.

Vets Handicaps

We have just had to reinstate a Vets player's handicap because he is over 80. Vets handicaps cannot go down if a player is over 80. If you, or someone you know, is a vet and over 80 at the beginning of the season and the handicap has gone down please contact us to correct it. If a vet will have his/her 80th birthday during this season remember to tick the box against that player in next year's entry form.


If you need to pay anything to the HBSA this can be done by internet banking.  To do this, the details you need are as follows:  Sort Code: 20-43-04, Account No: 10523232, Reference: Include your club name in the reference. You can also pay using PayPal by sending money to PayPal account:

Please inform Dean Poutney (email: and John Wilson (email: when payment has been made for the purpose of keeping their records up to date.)


Rule changes

Following the AGM there are a few rule changes regarding billiards handicaps, failing to complete Competition rounds, and re-arranging league matches.
All members and players are encouraged to read these changes. (Click on the following links to see them). Handicaps, Competitions , Open Snooker , Vets Snooker, and Billiards.

HELP needed on our website:

We are at risk: should our web site technician become ill or unavailable for any reason our website could stagnate.

Therefore we are still looking for an additional (voluntary) member to work with our web technician and help with the web site maintenance and development.  The current technician is happy to act as a mentor to gradually hand over the reins.  This is a superb opportunity for someone to develop and extend his or her IT skills.  He or she could learn how to develop windows based computer web applications that use a database.

If you are interested contact Pete Gilbert (email: or phone 07890 032041.

An email has been sent to all clubs contact email address.  Several of these have proved to be invalid email addresses (mostly non existent). The clubs listed below have had their email addresses rejected and the email addresses will be removed.  These clubs should contact us with their correct email addresses asap to avoid missing out on important messages:

Underbank WMC No email address
Shelley S & SC
Lepton Lib
Marsden RBL
Golcar Con
Cowcliffe Lib (mailbox full)
Marsden Con

Barden Print

Marsden RBL

Berry Brow Lib

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